Wednesday, January 2, 2013


On our last trip, we took 5 extra large suitcases to hold all our goodies, and left them there, as planned, so we wouldn't have to pay luggage fees on the way home. And now, we are in search of more suitcases for our next trip.

The idea case would still have wheels functioning and telescoping handles. The zipper needs to be able to close, but if it takes a little effort, or the pull tab on the zipper is missing, we can work with that. The bigger the better as we pack them tight, and they hold 50 pounds. The case doesn't have to have fancy garment accessories or inside straps, but we're not going to be picky. We'll take what we can get.  We also left a carry on size there as we were able to consolidate our going home luggage into a backpack.

So, if you're considering getting rid of that suitcase in your basement taking up space, please pass it along to us.

Or, if you have an old suitcase and you're considering an upgrade, you might want to check out the kind my mom bought me as an early Christmas present that we took. We got this in orange, and love it! The handle is great, there are 4 wheels for easy pulling or pushing, and it held up really well to the travel.

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