Monday, June 22, 2015

Here We Go!

Since I put out the post that we were once again going, I have received a ton of positive support. Thank you! Those kind words continue to validate that we are doing something that needs to be done, and filling a void that would otherwise be left empty. Thank you for helping us achieve this. It really take a community to get this job done.

Shoes and suitcases are already starting to roll in. Thank you! With such a short time to prep for this trip I really didn't know what to expect. But you, the folks that read this, jump right in.

Here is where we are at so far.


Share your shoes, share your love, share your world. 

Total shoe count: 9 (0m, 9w)
For those keeping track, our current total sock need is as follows:
0 pairs of men's socks, 0 pairs received
18 pairs of women's socks, 0 pairs received
If you'd like to donate to Soleful Suitcases and our upcoming trip in July 2015, there are several ways to help. You can donate your in-good-shape, still life left, adult athletic shoes. You can donate brand new adult socks. School supplies are always welcome. Shop on Amazon via the link on the right hand size so we get credit to help pay for baggage  twitter @RunningWithHart
Melissa Hart  119 N. Parker St. #143 Olathe, KS 66061

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Clean Out Your Closets!


The Harts are headed back to Jamaica!

Wait, you thought I was going to tell you something else? Yeah right.

We really are headed back. We were going to try and go this Fall, but the timing with work and school schedules was off, and rather than wait any longer, I just booked the trip. For five weeks from now.

Yep, just five weeks. So, I need you to clean out your closets, like now. And hit up the Big Box store for some school supplies. Oh, and can you find a couple extra suitcases too? I'm gonna need some of those as well.

This is the shortest amount of time we've given ourselves to get ready for a trip, but I'm confident that it'll work out. I've got some faith that we can pull it off, and I know that you'll help!

What I'm looking for
-adult athletic shoes that still have life left in them
-brand new adult socks, ankle length
-brand new school supplies
-suitcases with enough life in them to hold 50 pounds on a one-way trip to Jamaica
-a couple of willing fools who don't mind getting up early to help at the airport in KC
-lots of good thoughts

Help me make this trip happen!