Monday, November 10, 2014

Packing - Day 1

I've been a bit laxed about posting on the blog, but have no fear, it doesn't mean the trip planning has slacked. I have been collecting from generous people all over, willing to give their shoes, new socks, school supplies, suitcases, clothing, and well wishes. It has been an outpouring of love, and I am so thankful.

Tonight Trevor and I started to pack the suitcases that will make the one way journey soon to Jamaica. Four large suitcases are packed to the gills, bursting at the zippers with 88 pairs of shoes! 88! Talk about a win! And enough socks for all to receive 2 brand new pairs. This is beyond exciting. Our last trip was 65 pairs of shoes, which we thought was a great amount. 88 pairs of shoes just such a blessing.

The shoes all paired up

 Packing the suitcases. 25 pairs of shoes fit in this one.

Tomorrow we will work on packing the suitcases that will hold school supplies. We will get at least 3 suitcases packed with those as I know we have enough checked baggage space for those.