Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Cleaning?

So if you're like me, you are buried under a couple feet of snow. Kansas City has had the one-two punch from Mother Nature, and from the looks of it, we'll be seeing the white stuff for weeks to come. I don't know how it will all melt, or where all that water will go. I hope my Spring bulbs are not suffering from it though.

While being cooped up in the house, I've been trying to clean out closets and organize rooms. I've been working on getting my taxes ready to hand to the accountant, and hoping to make a dent in Spring cleaning and organizing. I made a new reading nook in my bedroom, and I already love it! Are you doing that as well? Have you cleaned out your office, or a closet yet? What about the art corner, or have you gone through the kid's pile of books and found some they no longer read? How about your hall closet with that pile of athletic shoes from last Spring and you already have a new pair?

Consider donating your treasures to Soleful Suitcases. We are looking for the following items, and would be happy to take them off your hands.

-75 pairs of athletic shoes 
-150 pairs of NEW socks (athletic type, not dress) 
-150 pounds of school supplies including children's book in good shape. (Age range from "picture" books through "chapter" books.) 
-Working laptop(s) 
-Thumb drives for teachers to save work on 
-Digital camera(s) (with cords and software?) 
-6 suitcases 

We are working on getting our trip planning going, and hoping to have some dates soon. Our plan is to go before August though, as our youngest son will turn two and we'd have to pay for an airline ticket for him. If we go before then, we can save $500+.

Also, as a reminder, we are not an official 501c3 charity organization, and as such, your donation is not tax deductible. Sorry. It costs a lot of money to get an organization like that set up, and right now, we'd rather spend that money on getting the items to Jamaica. So when you give, you are giving out of the kindness of your heart.