Saturday, January 5, 2013

Planning for the Next Trip

I know it seems like we just got back, and really, we did. We've been home for just over a month now. However, we're already thinking about going back, and the goodies we can take this time. Last time I had no idea what kind of support to expect, and I'd made a goal in my head to take 3 suitcases with 30 pairs of shoes and maybe a few boxes of crayons. For this next trip, I'm putting my goals out there for all to see and help meet.


6 suitcases full of goodies, including:
-75 pairs of athletic shoes
-150 pairs of new socks
-150 pounds of school supplies
-Working laptop
-Thumb drives for teachers to save work on
-Digital camera
-Baggage Fees paid for 100% with donations/fundraising roughly $330
(Baggage fees went up. The first 3 bags will now cost $35 each and any after that will be $75 each. Ouch!)
-6 suitcases

How You Can Help

Start saving your athletic shoes. If you want them out of your house now, I'm happy to take and store them.

Buy some socks.  You can grab a package off Amazon and have them shipped directly to me, or give them to me next time we see each other.

Keep your eyes open for sales on school supplies. I realize January is not the normal time to buy them, but random sales happen.

Donate a laptop or netbook you are no longer using. Please make sure it is in good working order and has your personal data removed. Having Windows on it would be a huge plus.

Donate your old thumb drives that you've wiped clean. While the drive might not hold enough for you, it'll hold plenty of basic documents for teachers. This makes having limited access to computers easier for them.

Donate your old digital camera. It would be great if you still had the power cords/adapters, a memory card, or any instruction manuals/software. You could also find an inexpensive one and give the gift of a new one.

Donate your old suitcase and buy yourself a nice, new fancy one. Or, give the gift of a suitcase.

Donate money. There are a couple ways to do this.
First you can donate through the link on the right side of this blog at the "Donate Button". This takes you to a site that will allow you to donate and send me the money via Paypal. I then will use that money for baggage fees, or to buy socks and school supplies.
The other way you can help is by shopping with Amazon via the link on the left. Amazon has reviewed this website and approved it to allow me to make a small commission from each sale that originates from here. You simply click the link, do your shopping, and check out like normal. There is no difference in price or service from Amazon. Soleful Suitcases will then get 4% from the total sale to help defer the baggage fees and other costs. You can also bookmark this link and use it as your starting point for Amazon.

You can also help by spreading the word. Tell people about this blog and our facebook page. The more people that know about this, the more help will come. After our last trip, I've become a firm believer that people want to help you, they just don't know how to. If you give them the information and tools to help, they will. Good things can and do happen.

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