Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thank You Olathe West Jazzercise Center

Wow! Thank you Olathe West Jazzercise Center and Tina Stueve, the owner, for allowing a drop box to be placed in the center. I picked up 12 pairs of shoes, some school supplies, and 8 pairs of women's socks. Amazing! Just amazing!

When I told Tina about this project, she was on board from the start. She has so kindly allowed a drop box to be placed in the center and has informed everyone to attends the center about what is going on, why, and who will be helped out. I've been Jazzercising with Tina off and on in between kids and life for almost 10 years. Tina is encouraging, energetic, and joyful. She wants to help you succeed, and you can see that from the minute you meet her. Tina pushes you to do your best.

Tina owns two Jazzercise Centers in Olathe. You should check them out. Tell them Soleful Suitcases sent you, and you certainly won't be sorry.

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