Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Looking for a few good companies

Are you a small business owner looking for a way to make a big impact with your advertising dollars? Want to help out a great cause at the same time? Do you work for a large company willing to help out the small projects? Well, look no further.

I'm looking for a few companies to sponsor a suitcase and pay the baggage fees to get it all the way to Jamaica. For as little as $25 you would get shout outs on Facebook and this blog. You would get a link/ad on this blog. You would get word of mouth from me to everyone I tell about your good deed. You would get signage on the actual suitcase you sponsor.

You would get the thanks of 700+ school children who would have new school supplies because you helped get them there.

Please consider helping out, or contacting your HR department to see if they would. Right now I have enough donations to fill 3 suitcases, but as long as I keep getting donations, I'm going to figure out how to get them to Jamaica. Where there is a will, there is a way, and I have the will.

$25 (first 3 companies or people to commit and donate) sponsors a suitcase baggage fees, and includes all the advertising and shout-outs I can give you.

$40 fills a suitcase full of school supplies and socks, and I do the shopping for you. Also includes every kind of link I can throw your way.

$50 each suitcase after the first 3 will cover the baggage fees, and gets you lots of shout outs and links.

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