Monday, August 27, 2012

A Big Dreams Thank You

You may remember back on July 18 I asked if anyone out there had a video projector that they would be willing to donate to Servite Primary School in Brown's Town. I really threw it out there thinking I could ask all I wanted, but needed to be realistic about things, and that item would have to remain on the "Think Big, Dream Big" list I have in my head.
Well folks, it is time to cross one off the list!
That weekend I'd opened my mouth while running with some great ladies at the KC Express weekly long run. I remember standing in line at the bagel shop next to Alisa Mueller, and telling her what Mrs. Crawford had requested for the school. I remember clearly thinking that I would never be able to bring this big request to her, and that Mrs. Crawford and the kids would have to be happy with pencils and crayons. Alisa said she would make some calls and ask around and see if she could locate one.
Alisa came through! This past Saturday after our long run, while enjoying some yummy breakfast food, she gave me a case, and in it held a video projector, just like the one that Mrs. Crawford is hoping for. I'm not going to tell Mrs. Crawford it is coming; I'm going to let her be surprised. I'm going to let Mrs. Crawford, and her Big Dream of providing quality education for the kids at Servite Primary School come true.

Thank you Alisa Mueller. You are the reason this Big Dream is coming true.

Thank you Cultura Technologies, Alisa's employer, for the donation of the video projector. Your generosity will enable 700+ children this year, and many more years to come, to be able to receive an education like they haven't received before. They will get to see lessons that their teachers have just been talking about. Their lessons will come to life.

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