Monday, December 10, 2012

One last pair of shoes

On the day we left, as we were putting our last bits into our suitcases for the flights home, I went to go put on the sneakers I'd worn down there, and was planning on wearing home. Once again, just like last March, I had one pair of sneakers, and a need that I knew was great. So, you guessed it, I dug out a pair of flip flops, put them on, and left my sneakers in my room, knowing that a member of house keeping would get them and use them.

I gave the first pair of shoes in March of 2012.

I came back and gave 60 pairs of shoes in November 2012.

I gave pair number 62 on the day we left. Happily. Knowing I'd made someone's day. And I'd do it all over again.

61 pairs of shoes. 120 pairs of new socks. 125 pounds of school supplies including a video projector. Other odds and ends like baby and toddler clothes, books and toys, and a candy sucker I'd forgotten about in purse. This was a good trip. A very good trip indeed.

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