Monday, November 12, 2012

Beds, Sheets, or Bedding to Spare?

In my quest to highlight some worthy causes, and yet make things easy to follow through with, I've decided to share with you an organization I found just recently. The organization is called Sleepyhead Beds, and they do great work here in Kansas City.

The process is simple. You have an unwanted or unneeded bed. Could be the whole thing with frame, mattress, and box springs. Could just be a mattress or box springs. You don't know how to get rid of it since Goodwill or other places won't take it, yet you don't want to waste it by throwing it away. So, you get in touch with Sleepyhead Beds, and they clean it and get it into the home of needy children all across the metro.

Or perhaps, like me, you cleaned out your linen closet and discovered you had *way* more sheet sets that you could ever need or hope to use. So, you wash them and bundle them up so the sets match, you label them with the size, and then donate them. Sleepyhead Beds gets them onto the beds they deliver of kids that would otherwise be sleeping on floors.

The process is simple, the need is great, and the results are quick. I dropped my sheet sets off with Monica, and she later told me via email that all my sheets were onto beds in needy homes within a week. Amazing. They didn't sit around in a warehouse waiting to be sorted and cataloged. They were just put into use. I'm thrilled to be able to be of assistance to an organization that does so much good in our area, and does it quickly.

If you have a bed, mattress, box springs, sheets, blankets, or new pillows, please consider making a donation to Sleepyhead Beds. They are always in need of beds. Or if you have a truck and some time, consider taking a few hours to deliver and set up beds. You won't get a bigger thanks that the one you'll get from the person who will finally have a bed to call their own.

You can contact Sleepyhead Beds via their website They have a donate form you can fill out, or a link to paypal for a direct cash donation.

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