Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Plans for the next couple of weeks

Our trip is just about a month out, and I really need to start getting things organized, labeled, packed, and ready to get on a plane. Within the next 10 days I'm hoping to get all the shoes paired up, tied together, and tagged with their size and sex. (Thanks Printable Parties for designing out shoe tag!) I need to get our suitcases labeled, which entails painting them so I can find them easily at the airport in Jamaica. I need to go through the school supplies and see if we need to add to that pile at all. I need to get a final count on the amount of shoes we have, and make sure there are enough socks (2 per pair of shoes).

Whew, it is gonna be busy around here.  Thanks again for all your support and love along this journey. Thank you for opening up yourself and sharing your shoes, your love, and your world.

We are looking for a $15 donation to cover the cost of these supplies, found at Target during a 70% off clearance sale. Can you help?

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