Monday, September 24, 2012

A Sock Fairy?

I know we've all heard of the Tooth Fairy, but has anyone else heard of The Sock Fairy? No? Well, now you have. Her name is Jackie, and she is a fan of Soleful Suitcases. Last time I said we had a need for women's socks, Jackie came through with a donation large enough to purchase a huge amount of women's socks.
So last night when I tallied up all the shoes and socks collected, and found we were 28 pairs short, and asked if anyone could help, who came to the rescue? That's right, Jackie, our new Sock Fairy.

Thank you Jackie for believing in this project, the end goal, and helping to reach it. There are going to be some mighty happy people wearing new socks in a few weeks, and they'll have you to thank. Perhaps this is your new calling...

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