Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big News at Soleful Suitcases!

You may be wondering why there is a picture of a laptop at the top of this post. Hummm... what could that mean? Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. It means we got the very first donation for our upcoming trip back to Jamaica!!!

That's right, you read that correctly. We are going back. This next trip is scheduled for July 2013. Just 4 short months away. And with such a short window, that means we don't have much time to gather donations and get things set.

Today got things jump-started though with a donation from Patti from KC Express for a laptop computer to be donated to a school. I'm so excited about this. A school will be able to use this. Teachers will be able to create lesson plans, hand-outs, or research a top. Students will learn to type, play educational games, and do school assignments on it. The possibilities are endless.

On the last trip we went on in November 2012, we were able to give 60 pairs of adult athletic shoes, 120 pairs of brand new socks (2 for each pair of shoes) to hotel workers where we stayed. We gave about 150 pounds of school supplies, books for their library, & a video projector to a local primary school. This filled 5 suitcases, and we hope to do it all again, and then some! Can you help us? Below is the list of items we are gathering, at full speed, to help make this trip a success!

What we need for our 2013 trip:

6 suitcases full of goodies, including:

-75 pairs of athletic shoes

-150 pairs of *new* socks (athletic, not dress)

-150 pounds of school supplies including new or gently used children's books. Age from "picture" books through "chapter" books.

-Working laptop(s)

-Thumb drives for teachers to save work on

-Digital camera(s) (with cords and software?)

-Baggage Fees paid for 100% with donations/fundraising roughly $330

(Baggage fees went up. The first 3 bags will now cost $35 each and any after that will be $75 each. Ouch!)

-6 suitcases

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