Friday, March 29, 2013

Another Laptop Donation!!!

What a day for Soleful Suitcases!

I came home from running errands today to find the UPS man walking up to my door with a fairly good size package. Knowing that I hadn't ordered anything recently, I was getting a little excited. Who doesn't like getting fun, packages in the mail unexpectedly?

I open up the box from Bill Hart, and find a laptop, all the cables and cords, and discs of software. Wow, what a blessing. What a huge blessing. This is the second laptop that has been donated, and we are so thrilled to be able to take such hugely needed items to a school in Jamaica.

Thanks Bill! Your donation means more than you'll ever know. Teachers will be able to educate better, and kids will be given the chance to learn more. Thanks so much!

If you'd like to donate to Soleful Suitcases and our upcoming trip in July 2013, there are several ways to help. You can donate your in good shape, still life left, adult athletic shoes. You can donate brand new adult socks. School supplies are welcome. Shop on Amazon via the link on the right hand size so we get credit to help pay for baggage fees. Or donate to our GoFundMe site at

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