Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thank you Kelly, Katrina, Gabrielle, and Diane!

I've been out of town for the past week visiting my family, so I have a few Thank Yous to catch up on.

Thank you Kelly Pfannenstiel for the 3 pairs of women's shoes. On our last trip the Pfannenstiel family donated 10+ pairs of shoes, and we're so thankful they run enough to donate more. Thank you!

Thank you Katrina Jones for the 2 pairs of women's shoes. I met Katrina through KC Express. She and her husband Gary are always fun to run with. Thank you!

Thank you Gabrielle Hernandez for the $65 donation for socks. I'll be sock shopping this week, so thank you for filling that need!

Thank you Diane Douglass for the $40 donation for baggage fees. This will sponsor a suitcase filled with love and shoes. Thank you so much!

Care to sponsor a bag?

Bag 4 - $35 SPONSORED By Diane Douglass
Bag 5 - $35
Bag 6 - $35
Bag 7 - $75 SPONSORED By Bill Hart!!
Bag 8 - $75
Bag 9 - $75

Total shoe count: 45 (21m, 24w)
For those keeping track, our current total sock need is as follows:
42 pairs of men's socks
48 pairs of women's socks

Share your shoes, share your love, share your world. 

If you'd like to donate to Soleful Suitcases and our upcoming trip in July 2013, there are several ways to help. You can donate your in-good-shape, still life left, adult athletic shoes. You can donate brand new adult socks. School supplies are always welcome. Shop on Amazon via the link on the right hand size so we get credit to help pay for baggage fees. Or donate to our GoFundMe site at   twitter @RunningWithHart
Melissa Hart  119 N. Parker St. #143 Olathe, KS 66061

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